JAPAN: Kyoto launches new website for Muslim visitors

In order to offer useful and convenient information for  Muslim  tourists, Kyoto City  has launched a new website called “Muslim Friendly Kyoto” (http://www.kyoto.travel/muslim), under supervision of the Kyoto Muslim Association (KMA).

Kyoto website for Muslim visitors

This newly-designed website provides useful information and specific tips on  how to find Muslim-friendly locations in Kyoto, including restaurants that have been certified Halal by the KMA.

This coordinative effort between KMA and Kyoto City is the first example of such a measure being taken in Japan. Shuhei Akahoshi, Managing Director of Tourism Promotion said: “In the past there has not been sufficient information available about Kyoto in Islamic countries, especially in the manner of tips for having an enjoyable time here as a tourist. It is my earnest wish to help Muslim tourists to learn more about Kyoto and attract them to our wonderful city.”

Mr. Akahoshi also added,”We have in Kyoto a variety of Japanese foods including but not limited to tempura, traditional Kyo-Kaiseki, Shojin-ryori, and tofu that we can recommend to Muslim guests, and Turkish and Indian cuisines are also available. This website offers a quick reference for these foods and explains what they are.”

Apart from displaying information on cuisines and restaurants in Kyoto suitable for Muslims, this website also includes a list of Muslim-friendly accommodations, and qiblah direction. The website is available in English, Arabic, Turkish and Malay.

Kyoto website for Muslim visitors-content

Source: Press Release by Kyoto Convention Bureau (26 December 2013).


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