UK: Halal Authority Board plans conference

A conference is set to be held to establish a consensus within the halal community when it comes to the ritual slaughter of poultry.
The event, which will be hosted by the Halal Authority Board (HAB) on 22 February in Nuneaton, will include a range of halal certification organisations, including the Halal Food Authority, the Halal Monitoring Committee, along with muslim scholars.The aim is to agree and declare a statement which states:

• Machine slaughter of poultry is Haram (forbidden) and is not permissible for the Muslim community in the UK.
• Only hand slaughter of poultry by Muslim slaughtermen is acceptable and will be considered as Halal.

A spokesman for the HAB said: “This agreed statement represents a significant step forward in the cooperation and agreement amongst UK halal certification bodies and establishes a consensus to declare that all poultry that is machine slaughtered is not halal for Muslims.”

*This article was published by on 10 February 2014. Read the original article here.

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