Pakistan: Halal meat export increases to $230.2m

Halal meat export has fetched foreign exchange of US $ 230.2 million during 2013-14, showing an almost 9 per cent increase as compared to the same period last year The export of Halal meat during the fiscal year 2012-13 was US $ 211.1 million. The steps being taken by the government in this sector resulted in the registration of growth.

Sources at the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Monday said that during the last fiscal year the export of other food items contributed US $ 4393.7 million. It said the export value of some food items like rice, fish, fruits and oil seed has increased whereas export value of vegetables, tobacco, wheat, sugar, spices has registered decrease.

With regard to measures adopted to increase export of meat and food, they said ECC of Cabinet in its decision imposed a ban on the commercial export of live animals from the country. Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) conducted trainings/workshops/seminars for capacity building of growers, processors and exporters and provided support to the horticulture industry for country specific Sanitary & Phytosanitary (SPS) compliance.

*This article was originally published on Daily Times on 26 August 2014. Read the original article here.