UAE: Nova Nails – halal polish that comes off with a hand wash

There’s a new solution for the woman who wants to keep stylish nails but can’t face the ordeal of removing nail polish five times a day to pray.

Nail polish that washes off with water. It’s as short-term as it sounds. Made International’s Nova Nails, which just launched in the UAE, comes in 24 trendy shades, and is paraben and acetone-free.

The polish was launched for one-time use, specifically so that Muslim women can wear it and then remove it easily before praying. (according to Islam, regular, impermeable nail polish invalidates wudu, which is the washing that precedes prayers). Breathable nail polish catering to Muslim women is a recent trend in the beauty world, who hailed the launch of so-called “halal” products last year by big cosmetic companies such as Inglot. Columnist Amal Awadwrote about the new products in The National last year:

“As is often the case, opinion sways towards disgust that something as innocuous as nail polish can cause such a stir, mainly from the ‘non-religious’ segment. As one friend put it, she loathes ‘this halal nail polish idea’. For others, anything that can make the difference between prayers being accepted or denied deserves the scrutiny.”

Our tester brushed the washable on in an assortment of blue, purple and pink. She found it very easy to apply and sure enough, when she washed her hands, off came the polish. We think this product would also be perfect for a polish-obsessed little girl — no acetone and messes are easily cleaned up.

Get yours: Nova Dubai Showroom: Port Said, Airport Road. Tel: 042525266

*This article was originally published on The National on 6 October 2014. Read the original article here.